Cathodic Dip Painting

From steel and pre-galvanized parts to aluminium and other light metals.

Painting in inaccessible areas such as cavities and pipes.

We place the highest demands on excellent surface quality, high productivity, reasonable costs and high efficiency. Cataphoresis can be used as a final coating or as an excellent base for other surface treatments.

The main aim of the treatment is to protect the surface from corrosion in areas where this treatment is ideal for further use.

Our pre-treatment and coating process is suitable for a wide range of materials.

  • Steel and sheet steel
    All types of galvanized sheet metal
  • Steel and gray cast iron
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Various aluminum & zinc alloys for die casting
  • Galvanized surfaces
KTL Painting Beschichtungsverfahren
KTL Vor dem Lackieren

The cathodic dip coating used is based on a binder epoxy resin and is black. The pre-treated workpieces are moved at an angle into the paint bath (immersion bath) and the cathodic dip coating is applied to the workpieces using direct electrical voltage. The coating thickness can be regulated via system parameters.

Our standards

VW 13750 TL260 (X330) – KTL black

BMW & Rolls Royce
BMW GS 90011 – LA SW1, coating thickness 15-35 µm

GN 006-1 – KTL black

According to customer requirements

KTL Nach dem Lackieren

Manufacturing technology KTL:

Manufacturer: Eisenmann
Commissioning: 2017
Throughput per hour: max 2700 kg
Maximum size of the components
Width: 700 mm
Length: 2000 mm
Height: 1400 mm

Part weight from: 30 gr to max 120 kg
Coating thickness Paint: 15-25 µm
Paint material: CathoGuard 960 QT 38-9961 black from BASF
Pre-treatment: Decorrdal 935/937 from Kluthe